The tour presents the chronological and historical expansion of coffee in the world,  its arrival  in Brazil until the current production system  in Tozan Farm.


“House of Coffee” Museum:


The History of coffee and the history of Tozan Farm.

Production step by step from preparing the seedlings until processing, milling and hulling –after that, coffee leaves the farm in bags of 60 kg without being roasted.


Coffee plantation:


General view of the coffee plantation with explanations and demonstrations of different stages of maturation, manual and mechanized harvest.


Pulper :

Wet processed or washed coffee. Reception of the fruits harvested in the field, washing, separation of different types of fruit depending on the maturation stage.


Drying yard and mechanical dryers:

Natural and mechanical drying.


Main House (by the outside):

Built ind 1850: building techniques, architecture and curiosities.


Former slavery court:

Slavery, the first immigrants, partnership system (white slavery).



Highest point of the farm and the third highest point in Campinas. A high perpective of  the coffee plantation, the farm and the surroundings. The historical importance of this belvedere as a witness of  the confrontation of soldiers from S. Paulo and Minas Gerais in the Revolution of 1932.


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Booking information

  • All tours require a deposit to confirm the services and should be scheduled in advance.

  • Requests about prices and payments should be sent to

  • A Portuguese-speaking cultural guide leads the visitors at the tour. English and Japanese speaking guides might be requested with additional fees.

  • Tours can be scheduled private or in a group.

  • Reservation will be confirmed subject to availability.

  • The regular tour takes around 2h30~3h.

  • The scholar tour takes around 3h~3h30.

  • Suggested scheduling times: 09h00 am /10h00 am / 2h00 pm.

  • Tours with translators are subject to itinerary changes to fit the scheduled time.

  • We offer coffee tasting of the coffee produced in the Farm.

  • We do not offer meals.


Transportation inside the farm, during the tour:

  • Belvedere visit requires the use of internal transport inside the farm on a 2 km unpaved road. For this purpose, the Tozan Farm offers 01 Van with a maximum capacity for 14 passengers. Groups larger than 14 visitors that arrive in buses or vans will need to use these vehicles to do this short trip. It is important to inform the drivers(s) in advance about this need, to avoid any inconvenience or delays.

  • In Tozan Farm, there is a circulation of tractors and machinery in the plantation area. Thus, for security reasons, private vehicle traffic is not allowed inside the farm. The only exception is the pathway until the reception.


Know before you go:

  • We suggest wearing trousers and comfortable shoes/sneakers plus insect repellent and sunscreen.

  • Smoking is restricted during the tour. It is allowed only in the store in the beginning and end of the visit, where visitors are received.

  • Within legal limits may apply, we do not offer any warranties and liability for loss or damage resulting from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

  • Please respect the 30 km/h speed limit within the farm.


Changes, delays or cancellations:

Our policy for amendments, total or partial cancellation (from one or more members of the group) is listed below. 


In case of changes or cancellation, please send a written communication by e-mail with at least 3 (three) days in advance, to avoid cancellation fee charges.

Cancellations within 2 (two) days before the visit are charged 50% of the value.

Cancellations within 1 (one) day before the visit or in the scheduled day of the visit are charged 100% of the value.


Tolerance for delays:


  • Visitors must follow scheduled times strictly.

  • Delays will also cause changes in the tour to suit the expected duration of the visit.

  • To better serve you, entrance is allowed only 15 minutes before the scheduled time.